Introduction to 3-D printing

201502010_ Fred Works @ Fredericksburg Academy

History of 3D printing:
Different methods of prototyping will be discussed including SLS, SLA. We will also discuss the various materials that can be used, the scope of different items that can be created, and what is possible at the amateur/consumer level.

3D Printer Tool Chain:
Various software products used in 3D printing will be discussed including Slic3r, Pronterface, and Makerware products. We will also explore the different parts of the printer and post processing of projects.

Printable Item Discussion:
Some objects are easier to print than others and your design can help or hinder printability. We will also discuss rafts, scaffolding, and pitfalls which may occur in the final stages.

Note to potential students (2/26/15):
At this time, this is a new class that will be closed to the public. If you have a group of individuals (ex: teachers, educators, designers) interested in participating in a private class, please contact us at fredwrks@gmail.com for more information. Until then, please watch our meetup.com calendar or come to the open hack nights to find out when this class will be open to the public.