Business Cards

To support our upcoming activities I ordered some official looking FredericksWerken business cards. I shamelessly copied the design that Scott A. came up with in which he shamelessly copied the logo design I made. I took the time to create my cards as SVG files using Inkscape so they would scale well and not suffer pixelation or artifacts when edited.

For the graphically uninitiated Inkscape saves files as Scalable Vector Graphics, hence the extension SVG. The practical implication is that instead of storing the image as individual square or rectangular picture elements or pixels the image is stored as strokes and fills which are line segments, curves or closed figures made of line segments and curves. So if you draw a diagonal line or circle and zoom in on it or enlarge it you will never end up with a jagged looking collection of squares or rectangles. It’s a great way to create 2D images but when you go to print them or post them on the web you inevitably have to convert them to a bit mapped format. The benefit is that when you convert the 1 inch logo designed for a business card into a 100 inch logo for a poster you won’t end up with something that looks like it came off a Nintendo 64 screen shot.

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