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I ran across an interesting Kickstarter campaign today; a cloud connected reusable notebook that comes with software to upload your notes to the cloud.   I thought the most interesting part was that they referenced some erasable pen technology I’d not seen before.  You can get these Frixon erasable pens on for $2 each or less in quantities of half a dozen or so.  They have apparently been around for a number of years in Japan but are catching on here.  The ink is made by Pilot so there should be a good supply of pens and refills.

One interesting feature of the ink is that it is heat sensitive.  Microwaving a page, or leaving it in a hot car, erases it.  Reportedly the “data” can be recovered by putting it in the freezer.  I’m not sure how that effects the Kickstarter campaign for the reusable notebook.  Using the eraser on the pen is reported to remove the ink more permanently without generating any eraser debris or wearing out the paper.  I could see using these for all sorts of things; perhaps not for grading papers or writing checks though.

These seem like they might have some interesting applications.  I’m already wondering if I can adapt them to my pen plotter.

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