Fredworks Monthly Organizational Meeting Agenda 2013-09

Here is the agenda outline for the monthly meeting; our first official meeting since successfully incorporating.

Call to order and introductions
– Secretary reads minutes from previous meeting, membership votes on approval
– Treasurer gives financial report, membership votes on approval
Vice President leads discussion old business
– Maker Fair at England Run Library
– T-Shirts, who’s got one, who needs one, status of supplies
– Results of Cody Wilmer contact (he is a supplier for ThinkLabs but not involved with running it).
– Preparations for Arduino class on Oct. 26th 0900-1200
– Status of web site (register people on forum, blog and wiki)
– Space related developments and information
– 501(c)(3) progress
President leads discussion of new business
– Board member selection and confirmation, a critical step in establishing our legitamacy as a non-profit for 501(c)(3).
– Mini Maker Fair on Oct. 2nd need people to run displays (Max has other commitment but Scott will be available)
– Arduino Class status, outline of material to be covered
– Cody Wilmer offer of space out on Rt. 17.
– Collaboration with George Meadows from UMW (ThinkLabs) on LearnerSpace areas in Rappahannock Regional libraries, seem to be looking for help with activities aimed at middle and HS age LearnerSpace users.
– Liason opportunities to FredLug (Fredericksburg Linux Users Group) and FPCUG (Fredericksburg PC Users Group). Someone to regularly attend meetings at one or the other group to inform them of what we are up to, find out what they are up to and look for collaboration opportunities of mutual benefit.
Open discussion with the following as suggested topics
– Group project ideas
– Regular project meetings at Cody Wilmer’s place off Rt. 17

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