Fredworks Raised $2325 At The Community Give

During the 2016 Community Give, we raised a total of $2325 through 37 individual gifts! This was a significant increase from our 2015 community give fundraiser. Thank you to all of our donors!


The Community Give is a 24-hour day of giving on Tuesday May 3, 2016 from 12:00 a.m. until midnight. It is a day when everyone in our region is asked to make a donation and show support for the local nonprofit organizations that positively impact our lives every day. – Learn more at: the Community Give website

Read Fredworks’ non-profit page listing at the Community Give website here.

I would like to share a recent post on our Meetup community: “Huge shout-out to you guys all this time later. I just had a major aha moment while learning to code which totally connected to your class! You all rock. Looking forward to learning more.” – Written three weeks after our Circuits 101 class by Kevin Foster. These are the types of comments we hear all the time at FredWorks; people making connections between multiple technologies.

In the last year we have provided nine STEM classes to the community, primarily on using and programing Arduino microcontrollers, but also a few on circuits and 3D printers. We have also continued to provide weekly meetings (more than 50!) where we’re open to the public to come and ask questions or work on a project in our space at Fredericksburg Academy.

We have also designed our own robot motor shield, perfect for teaching young people, as well as purchasing and assembling over 30 robot kits. These robots are the foundation to our classes, and students get hands-on experience with these in the very first Arduino 101 class. These robots and shields have become so popular we had to start a list of people wanting to buy one when we get our next set in! (On its way now.)

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