History of FredWorks

It all started long long ago in a library far far away . . .

Adam Schreiber and Scott Arendt meet while at work for Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Divison around 2009. We were both interested in the new hackerspace movement starting to take off around the world and wanted to start our own local group.

We meet a few other people and tried to have some starter meetings but nothing took off. Fast forward a few years and a trip to Afghanistan. In early 2013 Scott was talking about the dream of starting a local hackerspace to Jake Joesph, who was part of a the Navy’s STEM outreach program, Viginia Development Plan (VDP). Jake was interested in helping us and brought along his friend Max Lupton.

Max, Jake, Adam and Scott became the core group of FredWorks. We have added some more folks (and *temporarily* lost some, I’m looking at you Adam 🙂 ) along the way, and are always interested in meeting more people who share our interest in STEM, hacking/making, and collaborating with each other and teach new hackers along the way.

We filed for incorporation in June/July of 2013 and were officially recognized by the State of Virginia in August of 2013!