Fredworks Projects
If you are a local maker and would like to feature your project here on the website, please contact us at: You can also bring it to one of our Open Hack Nights so we can take a picture and get your information.

DIY Mars Curiosity Rover

These 3-D printed wheels were made in the Fredworks Makerspace by David Wood. These are for an RC vehicle inspired by Mars rover Curiosity.

Erasable Pens

Stuff Max Likes – Erasable Pens I ran across an interesting Kickstarter campaign today; a cloud connected reusable notebook that comes with software to upload your notes to the cloud.   I thought the most interesting part was that they referenced some erasable pen technology I’d not seen before.  You can get these Frixon erasable pens on […]


Stuff Max Likes – Oscilloscopes I like Oscilloscopes.  They show how voltage varies with time and given that information along with the electrical component values used in a circuit there are very few circuit parameters that cannot be measured or calculated.  Oscilloscopes are by far the best way to visualize what is happening in an electronic circuit […]

FLOID the dancing robot

FLOID learned a new dance for the NoVa Mini Maker Fair happening on 3/16 Here is a prior video of Scott Arendt’s FLOID the robot.

Arduino powered LED light show

Rudolph the reindeer has surgery

The guys at Fredworks have helped my kids to understand the simplicity of electric circuits, batteries, and switches through the arduino classes and open hack nights. We learned to apply these skills to fix our poor Rudolph the reindeer toy

Halloween LED wearable ghost costume

This year we decided to go retro and my 12 year old went as a ghost. We looked around on Adafruit and decided we would try and take a part of Phil Burgess’ E-Demon costume and apply it to the ghost’s eyes. At night, the effect worked like a charm. You could just see the […]

“Combat” Bot Arena Day One

So Russel, Natasha and I worked on the FredHack Battle Bot Arena today. It had been sitting in Russ’s back yard for a year plus, so it needed some luv! The basic build is four U bracket beams to hold up the floor and ceiling, which then have rectangular lexan plastic attached to them via […]